Best market prices

Sovtrans has a company owned fleet active in both internal as well as external destinations.

  • Sovtrans has partners in all Europe + CSI countries
  • High availability of vehicles
  • The goods are extra-secured at all time
  • Trustworthy drivers with history in Sovtrans
  • Investments in technology, GPS/GSM live monitoring
  • Quick responses from operators


Merchandise Safety Training

In order to collaborate with trustworthy partners, Sovtrans implemented a number of safety training measurements so that our business relationships will prosper in time. 

We at Sovtrans discovered the key for a performing and stable team. Starting from safety issues and finishing with the latest know-how, we think that communication is an important element in our merchandise transporting business. In order to meet international standards, we have implemented the following measures: 

  • Training in technical truck operations 
  • GPS operations and coordinations 
  • New legislation terms 
  • Foreign language tests 
  • Medical tests 


GPS Monitoring

Our transportation business relies on the safety and time delivery of the merchandise. The Sovtrans fleet is fully monitored at all times. Due to the responsibility of expensive goods, we thinkg that a controlled environment is best for this type of business. By installing GPS systems, operators can live scan and see the following:

  • Live location and routes
  • Speed and number of KM to go
  • Fuel consumption
  • Technical details about the vehicle
  • A grade is given to to the driver at the end





Sovtrans is proud to be an Eco friendly company. We believe that our environment plays a crucial role in any project. This is why we invest in small ecological program.

In order to adapt an eco friendly attitude, we have implemented to following measures:

  • The “keep it on the screen campaign”
  • Our vehicles are Euro 5 and Euro 6 emissions
  • Recycling program
  • The “green on the outside, healthy on the inside” campaign.
  • Volunteering
  • Team-buildings in natural environments


Our team of professional drivers and operators managed to safely deliver projects from the oversized industry as well as from the dangerous merchandise section. We offer vehicles equipped with fixture systems for any kind of goods.

We do transports for the following industries:

  • Oversized industry
  • Goods from the dangerous
  • Pharmaceutical goods

In our transporting history, we have delivered special project such as:

  • Oversized bearings
  • Industrial metallic parts
  • Helicopter
  • Circus animals